French Family Genealogy

Mary (Polly) Carter, nee French 1860-1940

Descendants of Samuel & Ann French

from Finchingfield, Essex


Samuel and Ann Smee married 21/10/1802. Ann 16/01/1803 br 27/03/1803, William 11/11/1804, John 12/04/1807 br 02/05/1808, Edward 12/04/1807 br 15/06/1808, Samuel 23/07/1809, Joseph 15/03/1812 br 31/03/1823, James 27/01/1814, Thomas 31/05/1819, & Millicent 27/05/1821,  Amelia 1822 & Mary 03/04/1825


Amelia French (daughter of Samuel & Ann) born 1822 Finchingfield (Straw Plaiter)
She married Richard Frost in 1841.  He was born in Finchingfield in 1817/19 (Richard’s father was Thomas born in Finchingfield 1799)
Their Children are as follows:
Albert born 1866 Poplar
George born 1857 ? he was a labourer
John born 1845 Finchingfield.  He had several occupations from Ag.
Lab/Policeman/Beer Housekeeper – Black Dog Pub, Horndon on The Hill (I can
find no trace)
Samuel born 1842 (I think died 1864 not proven)  He was an Ag.Lab
Frederick born 1851 (1881 Census an Engine Driver)

Our connection is with John – he married Theodosia Clark in 1871 in Stepney
( born 1855 Grays).

Their children are:
William JC born 1872 Epping
Charles S.L. born 1874/76 Rayleigh Essex
Ada born 1880 Binstead/Burstead
Theodosia born 1877/79 Maldon
John born 1883 Grays.  He was a painter (House I think!)
Albert George Richard born 1877 Grays
Minnie born 1901 Binstead/Burstead.

Our connection here is Albert:
He married Elizabeth Cook in 1911 – born 1886/7 in Islington2.  AMELIA2 FRENCH (SAMUEL1) was born 1822 in finchingfield, Essex, and died 1904 in poplar.  She married RICHARD FROST 1841 in Braintree (between sep-dec), son of THOMAS FROST and REBEKAH.  He was born 1821 in finchingfield, Essex, and died 1895 in poplar.


i.    SAMUEL3 FROST, b. 1842, finchingfield, Essex.

3.               ii.    JOHN FROST, b. 1845, finchingfield, Essex.

4.              iii.    FREDERICK FROST, b. 1851, finchingfield, Essex.

iv.    GEORGE FROST, b. 1857, finchingfield, Essex; m. CAROLINE LYDIA DEAN, 1891, Poplar; b. 31 Mar 1857, Seymour Mews, Marylebone; d. 1901, Poplar.

5.               v.    ALBERT FROST, b. 1866, poplar.



Generation No. 3

3.  JOHN3 FROST (AMELIA2 FRENCH, SAMUEL1) was born 1845 in finchingfield, Essex.  He married EMMA FAITH WHIFFEN 1867 in Braintree (bmd).  She was born 1849 in Southwark (bmd).

Children of JOHN FROST and EMMA WHIFFEN are:

6.                i.    WILLIAM4 FROST, b. 1869, Finchingfield.

ii.    SAMUEL FROST, b. 1872, Finchingfield.

iii.    ADA FROST, b. 1875, Finchingfield.

iv.    ELIZABETH FROST, b. 1876, Finchingfield.

v.    CHRISTOPHER FROST, b. 1878, Finchingfield; m. ALICE WHITEHEAD, 1904, Braintree, Essex; b. 1883, Braintree.

vi.    MINNIE FROST, b. 1880, Finchingfield.

vii.    ANNIE FROST, b. 1883, Finchingfield.

viii.    FLORENCE SARAH FROST, b. 1889, Finchingfield.



4.  FREDERICK3 FROST (AMELIA2 FRENCH, SAMUEL1) was born 1851 in finchingfield, Essex.  He married ANNE CAROLINE DEAN 1874 in Stepney (jan-mar), daughter of THOMAS DEAN and LYDIA FOOT.  She was born 29 Jun 1854 in Hide Side, Edmonton.

Children of FREDERICK FROST and ANNE DEAN are:

7.                i.    JANE AMELIA4 FROST, b. 1875, Poplar.

ii.    FLORENCE FROST, b. 1877, Poplar; m. FREDERICK JOLLY, 1897, West Ham (Jul-Sep).

iii.    CARRIE FROST, b. 1879, Poplar.

8.              iv.    FREDERICK FROST, b. 1880, poplar; d. 1941, Poplar.

v.    ANNIE AMELIA VALENTINE FROST, b. 1885, Poplar.

9.              vi.    ALBERTA AMELIA FROST, b. 15 Jan 1889, 14 Pelling Street, Limehouse; d. 22 Oct 1945, 107 Cowley Mill Road Uxbridge Middx.

vii.    ELLEN FROST, b. 1892, Canningtown.

viii.    SAMUEL FROST, b. 1894, bromley.

ix.    RICHARD FROST, b. 1899, bromley.



5.  ALBERT3 FROST (AMELIA2 FRENCH, SAMUEL1) was born 1866 in poplar.  He married ELLEN DOYLE.  She was born 1872 in Poplar.

Children of ALBERT FROST and ELLEN DOYLE are:

i.    LILY4 FROST, b. 1893, Poplar.

ii.    ALBERT FROST, b. 1894, Poplar.

iii.    MAUD FROST, b. 1896, Poplar.

iv.    MARY FROST, b. 1897, Poplar.



Generation No. 4

6.  WILLIAM4 FROST (JOHN3, AMELIA2 FRENCH, SAMUEL1) was born 1869 in Finchingfield.  He married FLORENCE J.  She was born 1875 in Finchingfield, Essex, England.


i.    FLORENCE A5 FROST, b. 1899, Walthamstow, Essex, England.



7.  JANE AMELIA4 FROST (FREDERICK3, AMELIA2 FRENCH, SAMUEL1) was born 1875 in Poplar.  She married JAMES ARNEDEE JARVIS 1897 in Poplar Jul-Sep, son of WILLIAM JARVIS and ALICE JARVIS.  He was born 1874 in deptford.

Children of JANE FROST and JAMES JARVIS are:

i.    DORA ALICE GRACE5 JARVIS, b. 1899, Poplar, London, England.

ii.    MAUD AMELIA JARVIS, b. 1900, Poplar, London, England.



8.  FREDERICK4 FROST (FREDERICK3, AMELIA2 FRENCH, SAMUEL1) was born 1880 in poplar, and died 1941 in Poplar.  He married ROSE.

Children of FREDERICK FROST and ROSE are:

i.    FREDERICK5 FROST, b. PoplaR.

ii.    WALTER FROST, b. PoplaR.

iii.    ALBERT FROST, b. PoplaR.

iv.    HORACE FROST, b. PoplaR.

v.    DORIS FROST, b. PoplaR.



9.  ALBERTA AMELIA4 FROST (FREDERICK3, AMELIA2 FRENCH, SAMUEL1) was born 15 Jan 1889 in 14 Pelling Street, Limehouse, and died 22 Oct 1945 in 107 Cowley Mill Road Uxbridge Middx.  She married CHARLES EDWIN BICK 28 Mar 1915 in Parish Church West Ham, son of ALBERT BICK and RACHEL GIDDY.  He was born 30 Nov 1880 in 8 Shirley Street, Plaistow, and died 30 Sep 1951 in Hillingdon Hospital, Hillingdon, Middx.


i.    DOROTHY5 BICK, b. 21 Feb 1916, West Ham; d. Mar 1990, Hillingdon Hospital,; m. PATRICK BEASLEY, Bet. Nov – Dec 1950, Uxbridge.

10.             ii.    FLORENCE BICK, b. 24 Mar 1918, West Ham; d. Bet. Jan – Mar 1979, Hillingdon.

11.            iii.    GLADYS BICK, b. 29 Jan 1920, West Ham.

12.            iv.    IVY RACHEL BICK, b. 07 Oct 1924, 26 Howards Road, Plaistow; d. 26 Jun 1992, Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, Berkshire.

v.    LILY A BICK, b. 25 Oct 1926, West Ham; d. Hillingdon Hospital; m. (1) WALTER JIM GRAVES; m. (2) ALBERT HENRY BARBER, Bet. Jan – Mar 1947, Uxbridge; b. Hillingdon.



Generation No. 5

10.  FLORENCE5 BICK (ALBERTA AMELIA4 FROST, FREDERICK3, AMELIA2 FRENCH, SAMUEL1) was born 24 Mar 1918 in West Ham, and died Bet. Jan – Mar 1979 in Hillingdon.  She married (1) HERBERT BICK.  He died 10 Dec 1941 in on HMS Repulse.  She married (2) WILLIAM ALDRIDGE Bet. Jul – Sep 1976 in Hillingdon.  He was born 10 Jan 1911 in Southwark, and died Bet. Oct – Dec 1979 in Hillingdon.


13.              i.    JOYCE6 BICK, b. Hillingdon.



11.  GLADYS5 BICK (ALBERTA AMELIA4 FROST, FREDERICK3, AMELIA2 FRENCH, SAMUEL1) was born 29 Jan 1920 in West Ham.  She married CECIL WALTER KEDGE Bet. Jan – Mar 1943 in St Johns Uxbridge Moor, son of FOULGER.  He was born 08 Mar 1918 in Shepherds Bush, and died Jan 1985 in Hillingdon.

Children of GLADYS BICK and CECIL KEDGE are:

14.              i.    SHIRLEY6 KEDGE, b. 06 Aug 1945, Hillingdon Hospital.

15.             ii.    RAYMOND KEDGE, b. 02 Aug 1950, 97 Collingwood Road, h’don.



12.  IVY RACHEL5 BICK (ALBERTA AMELIA4 FROST, FREDERICK3, AMELIA2 FRENCH, SAMUEL1) was born 07 Oct 1924 in 26 Howards Road, Plaistow, and died 26 Jun 1992 in Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, Berkshire.  She married DAVID HENRY DAVIS 18 Oct 1947 in Uxbridge Registry Office, son of JAMES DAVIS and HILDA BARNETT.  He was born 09 Mar 1926 in 1 Colham Green Hillingdon, and died 24 Oct 2006 in Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, Berkshire.





James (son of Samuel & Ann) & Marianne Moore baptised 12/05/1816 (daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth) who were both aged 22 when they married on 01/11/1834. According to the 1851 census they had Martha 16, George 14, Ellen 6, Elizabeth 4 and Eliza 2 baptised 08/07/1849, Maryann 12/08/1860, Phoebe Jane 09/08/1863. Martha first marriage was to an Overall. She was 46 when she married for the second  time to Peter Shead (son of Samuel) on 20/05/1882

Thomas French son of James married Eliza Coe (daughter of Benjamin)


Eliza French (daughter of James & Marrianne) married George Saines (son of Charles) 22/06/1872


George (son of James & Marrianne) & Susan nee Ridgewell (daughter of John) who married on 29/10/1859 in the presence of Joseph & Maryann Harvey. Had the following children Alice12/1/1862 French 12/01/1862 bap 21/07/1862.Aged 19 married Frederick Digby (son of Benjamin) on 22/06/1881 Philip Walter


Ellen French (daughter of James  & Maryann) married Abraham Flack ,Wendens Ambo in 1868  (son of John Flack and Mary Barker) , Ellen French was born in 1845 at Finchingfield, Essex, England. She  married Abram Flack, , in 1868. She died on 10 Nov 1899 at North End, Littlebury, Essex, England.

Charlotte was born on 3 Mar 1869 at Wendens Ambo, England. She died on 11 Apr 1876 at Wendens Ambo at age 7.

Alice was born in 1870 at Wendens Ambo, Essex, Eng. She married Thomas Reed circa 1890 at Essex, England. She died at Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex.

Frank William was born on 27 Aug 1874 at Wendens Ambo,Essex, England. He married Minnie Spearman, daughter of James Spearman, on 10 Oct 1897 at Walthamstow, Essex, England. He died on 16 Sep 1953 at Aveley, Essex, England, at age 79.

Annie was born in 1875 at Wendens Ambo, Essex, England. Her married name was Benham

Fannie (Fanny) was born on 1 Dec 1878 at Wendens Ambo Essex, England. Her married name was Camp Mary (Polly) was born on 1 Aug 1880 at Wendens Ambo,Essex, England. She married Earnest Burfield. She died in 1952? at ‘ Boxhurst ‘, Dorking, Surrey, England. Her married name was Burfield.

Jonathon was born on 4 Dec 1882 at Wendens Ambo, Essex, England. He died on 18 Dec 1882.

Arthur was born on 28 Oct 1888 at Wendens Ambo, Essex England. He married Ruth Baynes, daughter of Thomas Baynes and Ada Stalley, on 27 Nov 1909 at Parish Church Saffron Walden, Essex, England. He died on 17 Sep 1955 at Hastings, New Zealand, at age 66. He emigrated to New Zealand via Canada in Aug 1912. He was He worked as a shepherd .He was joined in NZ by his wife Ruth and two children in 1916


Philip Walter French  (son of George & Susan) baptised 12/03/1882 married Jessica French Overall born 12/12/1879 (daughter of George & Maria Overall (nee Shead) .George & Maria Married 12/10/1878. Philip & Jessica married on 23/07/1900 in the presence of John Edward Overall & Florence Wendy. Philip aged 42 married his second wife Sarah Overall aged 37 (widow of Jack) on 11/06/1921in the presence of Hilda French & Joseph Freeman. Philip Walter French died 05/05/1966.


Children of Philip Walter & Jessica French were – Hilda Clara 11/11/1900, Doris Mary born 12/09/1901 bap 03/11/1901, Amy May French 01/05/1904, Alec George Francis 02/09/1906, Leslie Walter 17/10/1909,never married,  Frederick Philip 11/11/1912,baptised 29/12/1912,  Jessie Mina 20/12/1920 baptised 29/02/1920


Hilda Clara French (daughter of Philip & Jessica) married William Palmer had a son Colin who married Pearl and had three children Robert, Ann & ???


Doris Mary French (daughter of Philip & Jessica) married Percy Sullens had Ronald William 21/12/1922 –17/02/2006 , Percy Philip 25/08/1924 died month later & Peter Geoffrey 07/07/1934-15/12/2006. Doris died 25/04/1979 & Percy died 1969.

Ronald (son of Doris & Percy) married Molly Richardson on 13/09/1952. No children

Peter (son of Doris & Percy) married Norma Edwards (26/04/1939) on 11/06/1960 at St Francis Church, Silver End. had Denise 08/05/1964 & David Philip 02/03/1967.

Denise (daughter of Peter & Norma) married Stanley Walter Smith (02/11/1949) on 08/07/1989 Braintree Registry Office and had James Peter Walter 06/12/1989 and Samuel Garry David 16/10/1991.

David (son of Peter & Norma) married Julie Payne on 24/06/1989 – separated 1995. No children.


Amy May French (daughter of Philip & Jessica) married William George Todd on 24/12/1927. Had Joan  Mary 03/04/1928, Peter William 04/07/1931, George Edward 06/05/1935, & David 08/09/1939.Amy died 28/03/1963 Northampton Hospital. William died 22/10/1957.


Joan (daughter of Amy & William) never married. Died 25/03/1988.


Peter William (son of Amy & William) married Anne Pickford (24/08/1937) on 29/08/1959. No children. Anne died 29/10/1997


George Edward (son of Amy & William) married Kathleen Janet Gowley (29/09/1937) on 13/12/1956 and had Bridget Ann 09/03/1957, Steven Anthony 12/05/1958, Vickie Elaine 17/03/1960.


Bridget (daughter of George & Kathleen) married Christopher Carroll on 09/04/1977. (divorced 1997) and had Christopher Stephen 04/07/1978, Natalie Kathleen 29/10/1980, Stephen Joseph 07/05/1984, & Paul James 22/05/1984.


Steven Anthony (son of George & Kathleen) married Jackie Elizabeth Allen on 17/09/1984 and had Rebecca Katie 22/12/1984, Thomas William 25/03/1988, Robbie George 26/02/1990.


Vickie Elaine (daughter of George & Kathleen) married James Carl Collins on 02/10/1982 and had Shaun James 22/12/1984 & Nicholas Mark 09/09/1987.


David (son of Amy & William) married Brenda Streeton (16/07/1938) on 25/07/1959 and had Julia Carol 22/11/1963 & Ian David 23/09/1968.


Julia Carol (daughter of David & Brenda) married Myles Anthony White on 01/09/1984 and had Joseph Anthony 05/09/1987 & Rachael Amy 06/09/1990.


Ian David (son of David & Brenda) married Jacqueline Smethurst on 21/09/1996 and had Phox Brian David 15/09/1999


Alec French (son of Philip & Jessica) born 03/07/1906 died 04/03/1991 – had two children by his first wife Florence Grace Revell – Howard & Eileen .

Howard William (son of Alec & Florence) born 27th April 1932

Bellweather Cottages Outwood, Burstow, Surrey

Married Sheila Amesbury Johnson born 24/02/1941 Morden Surrey

Children Carole Elizabeth Amesbury 08/06/1963, Philip Anthony 20/09/1964, Michelle Clare 21/01/1966 all born in Australia. Carole married David Gadd born 15/01/1963 Stoke on Trent . Children Sarah Louise Amesbury 06/01/1987 & James Lawrence William David 15/10/1991


Eileen (daughter of Alec & Florence) married Douglas Wright have a son Paul .



Alec married for s second time in 1972 at Grays Essex. to  Emily Grace Lockwood born Sheering

12/09/ 1916  had two sons Neil 21/03/1947,who married Doreen Deighton has two children  Helen Kirsty 22/12/1975 who married Andrew Wilby and Graham Neil 14/11/77.

Derek 25/06/1943 (son of Alec & Emily) married in 1967 to Marion 13/11/??and has a daughter Sarah 03/12/1974.

Emily died 11/08/1986. Alec died 04/03/1991.Alec became a member of Congregational church aged 21 on 26/08/1923.


Frederick Philip French (son of Philip & Jessica) married Ada then Doreen. Had Andrew, David & Jeanette. David married Lesley Cook has a son Shaun. Andrew has a son Jordan. Jeanette has Christina, Laura & James. Doreen married Sid Sutton then Arthur Bennett. Fred died around 1985


Jessie French (daughter of Philip & Jessica) 20/12/1919 married Harold Ridgewell Dec 1949, have one daughter Eileen 12/06/1951 baptised 07/10/1951. Eileen married Stephen Broyd and had Emma & Mark. Emma has Louisa


Got to confirm this information;

Mina French baptised 12/03/1882(daughter of George & Susan French)aged 21  married Joseph Freeman 08/05/1903 aged 24 in the presence of Philip W French & Martha Freeman.

Children of Joseph & Mina Freeman were George 03/04/1904, Gladys Laura 22/09/1906, christened same day as Alec ,

Gladys Freeman (daughter of Joseph & Mina) married Frank Perkin 03/11/1923. Philip Arthur 02/07/1905, Frederick 1907 ? married aged  21 to  Hilda Rose Whitehead 26/06/1927. Reggie Charles 28/04/1912 , Alice Louisa born 01/06/1914,

Hilda Rose born 03/12/1917 bap 27/01/1918, . Joseph aged 44 second wife was Jane Louise Pickering aged 30 married 24/11/1923. Joseph & Janes children Joan Elizabeth 26/10/1924, Joan married Robert Lebback ? from Happisburgh Norfolk on 29/1/1941. Magdalen Freeman married Dennis Arthur Beardwell on 31/03/1951. Dorothy May 09/05/1927 bap 26/06/1927




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Mrs Denise Sullens Smith

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Denise Sullens Smith


Peter Geoffrey Sullens


Doris Mary French


Philip Walter French


George French


James French


Samuel French



Following are French :

A Samuel & Elizabeth French had a Jane 22/05/1842

Joseph & Harriet had Elijah or Eliza 08/09/1844

William & Jane had Maria 14/03/1813

Joseph & Susanna had Sarah 01/05/1813

Joseph & Elizabeth Saynes had Joseph  26/08/1814

Samuel & Ann had James 13/11/1814

Samuel & Elizabeth had Ann 20/11/1836

James & Rebecka had James 31/07/1836

Samuel & Elizabeth had John 16/08/1835

Samuel & Elizabeth had George 29/07/1838

James & Rebecka had Ann 25/02/1838

John & Charlotte had Susan 23/07/1837

James & Marianne had George 09/07/1837

Samuel French & Elizabeth Smith married 29/05/1835

James French & Marrianne Moore married  01/11/1834

Samuel French son of Cornelius married Sarah Ann Claydon 27/09/1856

Martha French Daughter of James married George Fitch 23/06/1856

George French & Sarah Ridgewell married 29/10/1859

William &Mary had Mary 08/12/1844

? & Rebecca had John 08/12/1844

Ann Ellen French born 11/08/1845

William & Mary had Arthur 10/11/1850

Joseph & Harriet had Jessica 11/08/1850

James & Mary had Eliza 08/07/1849

William & Mary had Alfred 09/09/1842 born 28/02/1842

? & Rebecca had Thomas 08/08/1847 born 03/05/1847

William & Mary had John 15/10/1856

James & Mary had Phoebe Jane 09/08/1863

James & Mary had Maryann 12/08/1860

John & Rebecca had Annie 13/08/1871


Gabriel French (son of George)married Emma Ridgewell (daughter of Mark) on 30/06/1859 had Arthur, George,Albert

Arthur French (son of Gabriel) married Mary Jane Frost 08/08/1885 had Emma 08/05/1887

George French (son of Gabriel) married Jessie Maria Overall 11/03/1889. Before she was married to George had Victor 16/07/1893, not sure if he is a French or Overall. Then had Beatrice Vera 11/05/1902 and Ralph Hilary 27/08/1911 baptised 26/03/1916 – Ralph Hilary French married aged 28 married Evelyn Annie Chapman 25/05/1940

Albert  (son of Gabriel) married Emma Mary Mead had Rose Matilda 03/11/1885, Violet Blanche Emma 29/10/1905, Cecil 25/05/1902, Emma 29/10/1905,Vera Gwendoline 08./03/1908.

Cecil (son of Albert & Emma) married Hilda and had Phyllis Ivy 23/06/1931


Arthur Leonard French & Edith Kathleen May had Bessie Ann 23/08/1919

Leslie French & Elizabeth Jane had Keith Royston 03/09/1934 & Stanley Victor at Steeple Bumpstead. Parents of Leslie were Albert & Emma


In 1871 a John French & Rebecka had Sarah & Annie



French Ancestors of Finchingfield

Finchingfield Church Records 1618-1837      Manual Search

Chapel Record Limited Entries





01:02:1624     French William w.                       M              Crosley Martha

24:06:1641     French Thomas                                              Lake Helen

02:11:1641     French Martha                                               Clay George

02:04:1678     French John                                                   Gaul Anne

09:06:1709     French Anthony o.t.p.                                   Smith Martha o.t.p.

29:05:1716     French John o.t.p.                                          Lybrook Sarah o.t.p.

01:05:1717     French Ann sp.o.t.p.                                      Parmenter John b.o.t.p.

11:11:1743     French Anthony b.                                        Wilsmore Mary sp.

22:07:1750     French Richard b. o.t.p.                                 Simpson Elizabeth sp.o.t.p.

24:10:1754     French Sarah x  sp.o.t.p.                                Richardson James x w.o.t.p.

20:01:1766     French Elizabeth Gt Yeldham                       Willis John Yeoman Farmer.o.t.p.

29:11:1772     French Sarah x  o.t.p.                                    Thomas Lindsell x labr. Debden.

12:10:1773     French Mary x .sp.o.t.p.                                Edward Cracknell x  labr.o.t.p.

17:11:1778    French John x  labr.o.t.p.                                Cracknell Anna x  sp.o.t.p.

14:11:1782     French Elizabeth  x  sp.o.t.p.                         Johnson Thomas  b. Gt Sampford.

12:01:1785     French Elizabeth  x  sp.o.t.p.                         Bacon Thomas  x  b.o.t.p.

11:11:1788     French Joseph  o.t.p.                                      Rand Elizabeth  x  o.t.p.

19:07:1790     French Richard  x  w.o.t.p.                            Stock Mary  x  sp.o.t.p.

07:11:1793     French Mary  x  sp.o.t.p.                               Martin Thomas  x  b.o.t.p.

22:03:1800     French Joseph  x  b.o.t.p.                               Livermore Hannah  w.o.t.p.

21:10:1802     French Samuel  x  b.o.t.p.                              Smee Ann  x  sp.o.t.p.

03:07:1803    French John  x  b.o.t.p.                                   Baynes Dorinda  x  sp.o.t.p.

19:11:1805     French Joseph  x  b.o.t.p.                               Livermore Mary  sp.o.t.p.

Witnesses Mary French. William French.

00:10:1806     French William  b.o.t.p.  Banns Only.          Brown Mary  sp. Gt Bardfield.

30:01:1812     French Maria  x  sp.o.t.p.                              Dainton John  b. Walcot. Bath. Somerset.

17:03:1815     French Zachariah  x  b.o.Wixoe. Suffolk.     Hannah Drew   sp.o.t.p.

Witnesses  George French.  Ursula Brett.

13:11:1818     French Richard  x  w. Gt Bardfield               Hitchin Lucinda  x  sp.o.t.p.

29:05:1820     French William  x  b. Wethersfield               Thodey Hannah  x  sp.o.t.p.

30:03:1821     French John  b.o.t.p.                                      Smith Rebecca  sp.o.t.p.

21:08:1825     French William  b.o.t.p.                                 Jordan  x  sp.o.t.p.

11:11:1825     French Joseph  b.o.t.p.                                   Mumford Harriet  x  sp.o.t.p.

Witnesses French James.  Mary Faircloth x

26:12:1825     French Mary  w.o.t.p.                                    Goodchild George  b.o.t.p.

21:01:1826     French Deborah  x  w.o.t.p.                           Gunn John  x  b.o.t.p.

26:08:1826     French James  b.o.t.p.                                    Arnold Rebecca  x  sp.o.t.p.

25:12:1826     French Elizabeth  x  sp. Wethersfield            Townsend Charles  x  w.o.t.p.

25:01:1828     French Cornelius  b.o.t.p.                              Coe Anne  x  sp.o.t.p.

22:09:1833     French William  b.o.t.p.                                 Smith Mary  x  sp.o.t.p.

01:11:1834     French James  x  b.o.t.p.                                 Moore Marianne  x  sp.o.t.p.

17:01:1835     French Marianne  x  sp.o.t.p.                          Lapwood Joseph  x  b.o.t.p.

29:05:1835     French Samuel  x  b.o.t.p.                               Smith Elizabeth  x  sp.o.t.p.




Codes. x, signed with a cross. sp, spinster. b, bachelor. W, widow or widower. o.t.p, of this Parish.






Ron Hawkins.                                                                                                      Finchingfield Heritage Committee 2006


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26:07:1618     French     William            son of blank

05:04:1642     French     Anthony          son of Thomas

12:04:1642     French     Anthony          son of Thomas?

02:12:1643     French     Thomas            son of Thomas

07:02:1673     French     John                 son of John

01:12:1678     French     Thomas            son of John and Anne

17:01:1686     French     Mary                no details

28:10:1701     French     Elizabeth          daug of Richard (Farmer) and Elizabeth

01:01:1706     French     Sarah                daug of Richard (Farmer) and Elizabeth

05:01:1713     French     Martha             daug of Anthony and Martha

24:09:1708     French     Richard             son of Richard (Farmer) and Elizabeth

27:07:1735     French     Thomas            son of Hickford (Miller) and Anne

26:07:1738     French     William            son of Hickford (Miller) and Anne

26:10:1740     French     Elizabeth          daug of Hickford (Miller) and Anne

07:12:1743     French     Thomas            son of Hickford (Miller) and Anne

24:08:1746     French     John                 son of Anthony and Mary

24:10:1750     French     John                 son of Richard (Farmer) and Elizabeth

10:08:1755     French     Samuel             son of Richard (Farmer) and Elizabeth

09:01:1757     French     John                 son of John and Elizabeth

24:04:1757     French     Sarah                daug of John and Anne

18:02:1759     French     Anthony          son of John and Elizabeth

23:11:1760     French     Elizabeth         daug of John and Elizabeth

05:07:1761     French     Anthony          son of Richard (Farmer) and Elizabeth

01:08:1762     French     Thomas            son of John and Elizabeth

17:07:1763     French     Elizabeth          daug of Richard (Farmer) and Elizabeth. Private Baptism.

10:11:1765     French     James               son of John and Elizabeth

20:03:1768     French     William            son of John and Elizabeth

22:07:1770     French     Mary                daug of John and Elizabeth

02:05:1773     French     Anne                 daug of William and Elizabeth

29:08:1773     French     Elizabeth          daug of Anthony and Mary (12 years of age)

04:05:1775     French     Martha             daug of John and Elizabeth

20:09:1778     French     Charles             son of John and Elizabeth

13:02:1780     French     John                 son of John and Anne n’ee Cracknell.

13:10:1782     French     William            son of John and Anne

26:10:1788     French     Jane                  daug of John and Anne

21:02:1790     French     Elizabeth          daug of Joseph and Elizabeth

16:07:1791     French     Harriot              base born daughter of Sarah (Paupers)

11:08:1793     French     William             son of Joseph and Elizabeth

25:05:1794     French     Susanne            daug of Anthony and Mary (Paupers)

07:06:1795     French     William            son of William and Mary

07:02:1796     French     Joseph              son of Joseph and Elizabeth

09:09:1798     French     Charles             son of Anthony and Anne

16:01:1803     French     Anne                daug of Samuel and Anne

06:07:1804     French     James               son of John and Dorinda. n’ee Baynes

11:11:1804     French     William            son of Samuel and Anne

08:06:1806     French     Joseph              son of John and Dorinda

12:04:1807     French     Edward             twin son of Samuel and Anne

12:04:1807     French     John                  twin son of Samuel and Anne

26:04:1807     French     Joshua               son of William and Jane

19:02:1809     French     William             son of William and Anne

02:07:1809     French     Samuel              son of Samuel and Anne

26:11:1809     French     Charles             son of John and Dorinda

08:03:1812     French     William             son of John and Dorinda

15:03:1812     French     Joseph               son of Samuel and Anne

07:03:1813     French     Maria                daug of William and Jane



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14:08:1814     French     Marianne          daug of William and Jane (from Bocking)

26:08:1814     French/Saynes  Joseph     base born son Joseph French and Elizabeth Saynes

21:01:1816     French     Mary                 daug of John and Dorinda

13:04:1817     French     William             son (birth date 12:02:1817. Chapel) of Joseph and Sarah n’ee Poulter

31:01:1819     French     Thomas             son of Samuel (Carpenter) and Dorinda

13:02:1820     French     William             son (birth date 04:06:1819. Chapel) of Richard (Redwinter) and Elizabeth.

05:03:1820     French     Anne                 daug of John and Dorinda

No date          French     John                  son (birth date 01:01:1821) of Joseph Sarah n’ee Poulter

27:05:1821     French     Millicent           daug of Samuel (Carpenter) and Anne

27:06:1824     French     Harriet              daug of William and Mary (from Braintree  Straw Manufacture)

27:06:1824     French     Caroline            daug of William and Mary (from Braintree  Strew Manufacture)

03:04:1825     French     Mary                daug of Samuel (Carpenter) and Anne

12:06:1825     French/Wendy  William   son of William French and Sarah Wendy (Spinster)

04:12:1825     French     Hannah             daug of William and Sarah

26:02:1826     French     John                  son of Joseph and Harriet

12:11:1826     French     Emma               daug of James and Rebecca

21:09:1827     French     William            son of William and Mary

18:11:1827     French     Mary               daug of James and Rebecca

30:12:1828     French     Joseph             son (birth date 30:01:1827 Chapel) of Joseph and Sarah n’ee Poulter

03:02:1828     French     Susanne           daug of Joseph (Labourer) and Harriet n’ee Mumford.

25:10:1829     French     William           son (birth date 12:05:1828 Chapel) of Corneluis (Shoemaker) and Mary n’ee


25:10:1829     French     George            son (birth date 08:09:1829 Chapel) of Richard and Elizabeth n’ee Mumford

12:02:1830     French     Elizabeth         daug of Joseph and Harriet

28:02:1830     French     Sarah               daug of James and Rebecca

06:06:1830     French     Marianne         daug of William (Carpenter) and Sarah

19:06:1831     French     Mary Anne     daug of Corneluis (Shoemaker Chapel) and Mary n’ee Coe?

15:04:1832     French     Maria               daug of Joseph and Harriet.

15:04:1832     French     Samuel             son of Joseph and Rebecca

24:02:1833     French     Jane                  daug of William (Carpenter) and Sarah

23:02:1834     French     Emma               daug of William and Marianna

01:06:1834     French     Hannah             daug of James and Rebecca

07:09:1834     French     Joseph              son of James and Harriet.

15:03:1835     French     Martha             daug of James (Gardener) and Marianne

05:07:1835     French     Phebe               daug of William (Carpenter) and Sarah

16:08:1835     French     John                 son of Samuel and Elizabeth

24:01:1836     French     James               son of William and Mary

31:07:1836     French     James               son of James and Rebecca

20:11:1836     French     Anne                daug of Samuel and Elizabeth

23:04:1837     French     Arthur              son  of James and Harriet.

14:05:1837     French     Joseph              son of William and Marianne

09:07:1837     French     George             son of James and Marianne

















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26:10:1624     French     Margaret          wife of William

25:06:1640     French                               old Goodman

06:10:1644     French     William

13:08:1671     French     Mary

30:08:1671     French     Thomas

30:08:1671     French     Ellen                  wife of Thomas

19:08:1703     French     Moses                son of widow

29:05:1709     French                                Widow

24:08:1713     French     Martha               daug of Mr French

21:01:1719     French     Anthony            junior

02:06:1720     French     Elizabeth           widow

12:04:1725     French     Richard              yeoman (farmer)

17:04:1736     French     Mrs Elizabeth

23:09:1739     French     William

26:10:1743     French     Hickford             miller

09:03:1743     French     William              infant

26:06:1744     French     Anthony             infant

18:04:1745     French     Mrs Elizabeth     spinster

25:09:1749     French     Hickford

00:07:1750     French     Anthony

17:07:1750     French     Anne                   widow

02:03:1756     French     Anthony

10:11:1757     French     Sarah                   aged 71 yrs

07:01:1759     French     Robert                  infant from Castle Hedingham

11:05:1760     French     Blank                   infant son of Richard

24:07:1761     French     Anthony              infant

14:08:1761     French     John                     killed by ye kick of a horse

21:12:1764     French     John                     aged 81 yrs

13:12:1766     French     Susanne                infant

09:10:1769     French     Samuel

07:06:1771     French     Martha                  widow aged 92 yrs

19:08:1775     French     Mary                     wife of William

08:12:1776     French     Mary                     wife of Anthony aged 58 yrs

29:10:1779     French     Samuel

18:08:1782     French     Elizabeth               wife of John

22:05:1786     French     William                 aged 58 yrs

12:09:1787     French     Elizabeth               widow

07:01:1789     French     James                     aged 3 yrs pauper

21:01:1791     French     Mr Richard            from Hedringham (Hedingham)

21:08:1791     French     John                       pauper (all pauper were buried at Parish expence)

08:09:1792     French     Richard                    pauper

30:09:1792     French     Harriet                     pauper

08:03:1793     French     Elizabeth

05:05:1795     French     Mildred

16:09:1798     French     Susanne                   from Castle Hedingham

14:10:1800     French     Anthony                  aged 82 yrs

30:08:1802     French     Joseph

27:03:1803     French     Anne                        infant

01:04:1805     French     Mary

02:05:1808     French     John                         aged 1 yr

15:06:1808     French     Edward                    aged 1 yr

09:12:1808     French     Mary                       aged 22yrs

17:04:1811     French     Joseph                     aged 47 yrs

22:09:1811     French     Susanne                   twin infant from Great Bardfield

22:09:1811     French     Marianne                 twin infant from Great Bardfield

18:10:1811     French     Elizabeth                 aged 40 yrs



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10:11:1811     French     Sarah                       aged 2 yrs

24:01:1815     French     Sarah                       Finchingfield Workhouse aged 58 yrs

10:08:1815     French     Thomas                   infant

17:03:1816     French     Jane                         from Braintree aged 28 yrs

21:03:1816     French     Jane                         from Braintree infant

21:04:1816     French     Marianne                 from Braintree aged 1 yr

13:06:1816     French     William                   from Moor Hall Little Bardfield aged 60 yrs

15:02:1820     French     Mary                       aged 4 yrs

09:07:1820     French     James                      aged 28 yrs

31:03:1823     French     Joseph                     aged 11 yrs

10:07:1825     French     Richard                    from Stebbing aged 72 yrs

08:05:1826     French     Hannah                    infant

15:09:1826     French     Eliza                        aged 27 yrs

12:11:1826     French     Emma                      infant

30:03:1827     French     James                      aged 40 yrs

29:05:1828     French     Wilmer                    aged 75 yrs

30:12:1829     French     Mary                       aged 5 yrs

25:11:1830     French     John                        aged 49 yrs

09:06:1833     French     Mary                      aged 79 yrs

18:01:1836     French     John                        infant

25:02:1837     French     William                  aged 1 yr

28:03:1837     French     Hannah                   aged 3 yrs

01:04:1837     French     Sarah                      aged 6 yrs

04:04:1837     French     James                     infant

20:02:1884     French     Mary Anne            aged 67 yrs (Chapel)

28:12:1890     French     Joseph                    aged 74 yrs (Chapel)

09:06:1905?   French     Marianne                aged 75 yrs (Chapel)

13:02:1912     French     Joseph                    aged 84 yrs (Chapel)

03:03:1938     French     Mary Isabel            aged 40 yrs (Chapel) (School Teacher)

08:12:1948     French     Jessica Maria          aged 76 yrs

21:08:1951     French     Sarah                      aged 87 yrs

31:01:1983     French     Hilary








Richard French was the Village Overseer in 1696, 1701 and 1706.

Richard French was Village Constable in 1686
















Ron Hawkins                                                                                      Finchingfield Heritage Committee. Updated 2007



Mary Lewsey from Saffron Gardens is the daughter of Sarah & Jack Overall