Carter Ancestors of Finchingfield

St. John The Baptist Church, Finchingfield

Finchingfield Church Records 1618 to 1837

Collated by Ron Hawkins Village Historian 2006




06:11:1707     Carter     John              Heningham Sibyl*   M     Linett       Susanne          Stambourn

21:10:1712     Bell**    Martha          of this parish                     Shedd       Richard           o.t.p.

30:04:1713     Carter     Robert           bachelor.o.t.p.                  Watson     Mary              spinster.o.t.p.

27:09:1715     Carter     Susanne        sp.o.t.p.                             Poulter      John              widow. Wethersfield.

12:10:1721     Carter     Mary            sp.o.t.p.                             Wibrow     John               b.o.t.p.

03:11:1724     Carter     Christopher  b.o.t.p.                               Redington Mary             sp.o.t.p.

25:12:1777     Carter     John  x          labourer.o.t.p.                   Bird           Susanne  x    sp.o.t.p.

04:04:1779     Carter     Anna  x         sp.o.t.p.                            Chapman   William  x     labr.o.t.p.

24:09:1782     Carter     Abraham  x   w.Lt Sampford                 Dodd         Lydia            sp.o.t.p.

23:01:1798     Carter     Mary  x         o.t.p.                                 Harward***William  x   o.t.p.

Witness Rebecca Carter  x

00:06:1806     Carter     Rebecca        sp.o.t.p.                            Waylet       Thomas        w.Wethersfield.

25:12:1806     Carter     John              b.Wethersfield                  Cornell      Elizabeth      sp.o.t.p.

22:10:1820     Carter     Frances  x     sp.o.t.p.                            Betts           William  x    b.o.t.p.

31:07:1831     Carter     Thomas  x     w.o.t.p.                             White         Eally  x        sp.ot.p.

17:12:1831     Carter     John  x           b.o.t.p.                             Pannell       Susanne  x   sp.o.t.p.

19:06:1833     Carter     Marianne  x   sp.o.t.p.                           Coe             Ben  x          b.o.t.p.

28:07:1835     Carter     Harry  x         b.o.t.p.                             Stock          Lydia  x       sp.o.t.p.


*   Sible Hedingham.


** alias   Carter


*** Hayward in Banns.


x   Signed with a cross.




03:05:1696     Carter     Christopher                          son of Robert.

03:08:1713     Carter     Susanne                                daug of Robert and Mary.

16:05:1725     Carter     Mary                                    daug of Christopher and Mary.

01:07:1729     Carter     Robert                                  son of Christopher

16:01:1780     Carter     Rebecca                                daug of John and Susanne.

16:09:1787     Carter     John                                      son of John and Mary.

19:09:1790     Carter     Thomas                                 son of John and Susanne.

02:06:1793     Carter     Robert                                   son of John and Susanne.         Paupers.

08:02:1796     Carter     Edward                                  son of John and Susanne.

06:09:1798     Carter     Edward                                  son of John and Susanne.

12:06:1803     Carter     Frances                                 daug of John and Susanne.

12:06:1803     Carter     Frances                                 daug of John and Susanne.

19:02:1809     Carter     Harry                                    son of William and Margaret.

27:01:1811     Carter     Robert                                   son of William and Margaret.

21:03:1813     Carter     Marianne                               daug of William and Margaret.

02:04:1815     Carter     William                                  son of William and Margaret.        House Street (Howe Street)

23:03:1817     Carter     Sarah                                     daug of William and Margaret.

21:03:1819     Carter     Edward                                  son of William and Margaret.

08:07:1819     Carter     Marianne                               daug of Edward and Maria.

15:10:1820     Betts/Carter  George                            son of William Betts and Frances Carter.

06:05:1821     Carter     Eliza                                     daug of William and Margaret.

13:01:1822     Carter     Aaron                                   son of Edward and Maria.

09:04:1826     Carter     James                                    son of William and Margaret.

03:08:1828     Carter     Edward                                 son of William and Margaret


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Baptisms cont;


06:12:1829     Parnel/Carter   Eliza                           daug of Susanne Parnel and John Carter.

24:11:1833     Carter     Maria                                   daug of John and Susanne.

20:09:1835     Carter     William                                son of Harry and Lydia.

11:06:1837     Carter     John                                     son of John and Susanne.



11:04:1700     Carter     Robert                                  Pauper

07:09:1703     Carter     Blank                                    daug of widow Pauper

17         Carter     Mary

01:01:1715     Carter     John

02:07:1722     Carter     Susanne

05:04:1729     Carter     Mary

09:11:1729     Carter     Robert

17:07:1730     Carter     Ann                                      widow

20:08:1739     Carter     Mary

03:08:1758     Carter     Robert                                  aged 67 yrs

05:05:1762     Carter     Mary                                    wife of Christopher aged 83 yrs.

10:06:1773     Carter     Christopher

14:09:1796     Carter     Edward                                 Infant

04:12:1814     Carter     Thomas                                Petches Bridge Finchingfield aged 44 yrs.

30:04:1823     Carter     Edward                                aged 4 yrs.

05:02:1824     Carter     Arron                                   aged 2 yrs.

04:06:1830     Carter     John                                     from Wethersfield aged 80 yrs

06:06:1830     Carter     Robert                                  aged 19 yrs

10:08:1830     Carter     Sarah                                    aged 14 yrs

17:10:1830     Carter     Eliza                                     Infant

06:02:1831     Carter     Maria                                    aged 8 yrs

27:05:1835     Carter     Susanne                                78 yrs

18:08:1837     Carter     Lydia                                    20 yrs




Village Magazine.




28:02:1925     Carter     William Lancelott               aged 16 yrs

26:10:1928     Carter     George James                      aged 44 yrs

28:10:1942     Carter     Lucy                                    aged 61 yrs



















Ron Hawkins                                                                                                      Finchingfield Heritage Committee.   2006